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GDYF Hosts Junior Board Training Day

GDYF's inaugural Junior Board of Directors met on Saturday, April 16, for the first-ever leadership and training day. The seven young ladies who were present spent the day planning activities to engage junior members, thank sponsors and increase participation in GDYF fundraisers and activities.

The morning started off with team-building exercises as the junior board bonded by playing “cross the river” and using communication to untangle themselves from the “human knot.” Then the board got down to business and started planning activities for the upcoming year.

Georgia’s dairy youth can look forward to having more ways to get involved with dairy activities, including a costume class, a dairy social and workshops led by the Junior Board. Stay tuned for more information about these events, as well as how your county can get involved in GDYF fundraising this year.

The junior board voted unanimously to accept the mission statement of the Junior Board as it states, "The Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation Junior Board is devoted to serving as a support system for dairy youth and dairy youth activities by fortifying personal growth and development, encouraging awareness of the dairy industry, and building relationships between like-minded individuals while still understanding the value of individuality."

Following a lunch break, the group took a tour of W Dairy, led by Carol Williams, GDYF president. This gave the junior board an opportunity to expand their knowledge of dairy operations as well as connect with a GDYF supporter. Williams also hosted the junior board and assisted in training throughout the day. Thanks to Carol and the rest of the Williams family for welcoming the junior board.

The junior board concluded their training day by deliberating over the 2017 GDYF T-shirt design contest winner and creating an Instagram account for GDYF.

The young ladies of the GDYF Junior Board are excited to get started on these activities, connect with sponsors and help dairy youth involvement in Georgia grow.

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