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Contact these people for more information about Judging

Dairy Heifers:

        H – 706-342-3479,

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Students compete individually and in teams of 4 to 5 people to analyze multiple classes of dairy heifers and cows.  Students observe each class of four animals and rank them based on a national scorecard created by PDCA.  On select cow classes, students prepare a set of reasons defending their placement of the class and orally deliver them to a contest judge.  Contestants are ranked on their individual class placings and oral reasons scores, and their team totals are combined for a county score.  


Practices begin in early spring and culminate in a state wide competition held at UGA in Athens, Georgia, during March or April.  The winning state 4-H team continues to a national competition in Madison, Wisconsin, during the World Dairy Expo held in September.  The second place 4-H team travels to Louisville, Kentucky, for a national competition at NAILE held in November.  The first place FFA senior team travels to compete at the National FFA Convention held in late October or early November. The GDYF offers farm practices, contributes manpower and cows at the state contest, and helps teams travel to regional practices and national competitions.


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