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Students borrow dairy heifers from local dairies to raise and train for showing in showmanship and confirmation classes.  The heifers are generously loaned to keep the cost of raising and showing a heifer down for the students.  Heifers are selected and brought home to students or their county’s barn around November

each year. 


After training their heifers, students can exhibit at local shows and at UGA’s show in Athens, Ga., during the first two weeks of February.  The state livestock show follows UGA by two weeks and is held in Perry, Ga.  After the showing at the state show, the heifers are returned to their home dairies.  In August, students can pick their heifers back up and show them again during the fall season.  The largest fall show is at Perry’s Georgia National Fair in October. GDYF typically contributes money to individual shows, sponsors awards and hosts informational workshops. Check out the information below to learn more about showing a dairy heifer in Georgia 4-H and FFA.



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Showing Ready: Entering the Line and Posing Your Animal

The Holstein Foundation created four 3-4 minute long videos about how to show.  A super resource to watch... even

Veterans to the ring should watch!  The foundation discusses a rule change about how to pose you animal side by side.  


Contact these people for more information about

Showing Dairy Heifers:

      President of the GA Dairy Youth Foundation:

      H – 706-342-3479,


To Register For Each Show:

  • Health Requirements must be met

  • Each facility’s and show’s rules must be acknowledged

  • Advisor forms turned in

  • Entry form and fees completed online or mailed in by deadline

      (Usually at least a month in advance)

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