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2024 Dress-A-Cow at the State Show

Here are a few of the costumes and winners of another successful GDYF costume contest.

Junior Class, 10-13:

1st place: Fisherman - Ethan Floyd, Monroe County

2nd place: Red, White and Moo - Lexi Cole, Hall County

3rd place: Roy Rogers and Trigger - Isaac Power, Dawson County

Intermediate Class, 14-15:

1st place: Pirate - Jose Griffen, Whitfield County

2nd place: Mooship/Moo-11 - Brock Hunter, Hall County

3rd place: Pink Lady - Ren Griffen, Whitfield County

Senior Class, 16-18:

1st place: Phantom of the Opera - Leland Guay, Whitfield County

2nd place: Chef Boy Abby and Cow Zones - Abby Kimbrerell, Habersham County

3rd place: Police and Criminal Cow - Hallie Ferguson, Habersham County

More photos:


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