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Kesley Kohl, Junior Board's 1st VP

Meet Kesley Kohl, the Junior Board of Directors First Vice President and dairy enthusiast.

Inspired by her willingness to give back to a program that she says has made an indescribable impact on her life, Kesley Kohl is proudly serving as the First Vice President of the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation’s first ever junior board of directors. Kesley is currently attending Putnam County High School but will graduate in May of 2016. After she receives her diploma she will attend Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College to pursue her dream career of being a dairy geneticist. For the last nine years, Kesley has dedicated a large portion of her life to showing commercial dairy heifers as well as registered heifers and cows. Kesley says that the most valuable things she has learned from her heifers are the benefits of hard work and persistence and that when things don’t go as you planned, giving up is not an option.

Fun Facts about Kesley

Hobbies: Playing sports such as softball

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

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