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Meet Abby Joyner

Hey, my name is Abby Joyner. I am 15 years old. I am from Waynesboro, Georgia. I show commercial and registered dairy heifers. I have shown heifers for five years. I also show market goats. I raise and show all my goats. I recently purchased four Brown Swiss heifers. One was bred and the others were between the ages of one and a half years and two months. I have shown registered at the Georgia National Fair's Brown Swiss show. I have participated in dairy judging for the past five years and dairy quiz bowl for the last three years. I placed high individual in dairy judging the past two years and our team placed second this year. Our team also placed first in the dairy quiz bowl. My DPA project category is Dairy and Milk science. I placed first in my district. I have also been part of poultry judging. This year I have become more active in my school's FFA Chapter. I look forward to being a part of the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation team again this year!

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