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Thankful for sponsors...

Calves for Kids

We would like to thank these sponsors for their gift to our Calves for Kids program. These sponsors have donated the value of a bull calf to support GDYF dairy showing programs.

Showing animals can help youth gain valuable life lessons and confidence, especially in the maturing process. It also develops responsibility and sportsmanship. Later in life, the experience of showing helps youth learn to function as adults in society and to accept responsibilities, gain an ability to communicate, ask questions, solve problems, make decisions and to work with other people.

Alex and Shirley Millican

Charlie Lane

Providence Dairy-Paul and Matt Johnson family

A & J Dairy- Jack Bentley family

Gail Wiley

Hale Dairy- Albert Hale family

W Dairy-Everette and Carol William family

Danny and Ginny Bell

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