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2022 State Show Results!

Another state show is under our belts. This year was an important year as it represented the 25th year since the program’s inception. A visionary project of Dr. Larry Guthrie and Dr. Mark McCann, this program has impacted countless lives of young people throughout the state of Georgia. This year’s show though larger than the first, which had 73 exhibitors and 82 heifers, carries forward the tradition of impacting young people through dairy cattle.

Heifers for the State Commercial Dairy Heifer Show in Perry, GA weighed in on February 23rd with 237 heifers crossing the scales and 201 young people proudly at the halter. Showmanship was a daylong event that began bright and early on February 24th. Serving as judge for both showmanship and weight classes was Nate Oleniacz of Pennsylvania. Nate was on the Penn State Dairy Judging Team in 2011 where he placed 3rd high individual at World Dairy Expo. Since that time, he has judged many national showmanship classes as well as type classes in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Employed by Cargill, Nate has worked with numerous Holstein and Jersey show strings.

The top placing 4-H member in 6th-12th grades, Master 4-H Showman was Colton Swartz of Coweta Co. 4-H (11th grade). The top placing FFA member from 6th-12th grades was Caleb Williams (11th grade) as Supreme FFA Showman.

Weight Classes were up the next day with heifers weighing 250-812 pounds.

Here are a few photos from around the show.


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