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2023 FFA State Dairy Evaluation CDE

The 2023 State FFA Dairy Judging CDE was held in March in Covington. The Dairy Cattle Evaluation CDE is designed to provide a competitive event for agriculture education students, emphasizing skills in dairy cattle evaluation, selection, and dairy herd management. It includes a written exam, a team activity, and an individual evaluation of dairy heifers and cows. Houston County won the Junior competition, while Habersham Central won the Senior Division. This was a highly competitive year with 36 Junior teams and 27 Senior teams competing for top placings. Congratulations to all contestants!

Junior and senior teams complete an exam of 25 questions regarding dairy management practices. FFA members then complete the evaluation and selection of a minimum of four classes of four dairy animals each. After placing all classes, individuals deliver a minimum of one and no more than two sets of oral reasons verbally defending their placings.

Senior teams complete a team activity consisting of ten questions on a dairy farm management scenario. They study a dairy situation and give a team presentation that identifies problem areas, provides supporting information, recognize factors of impact and identify and implementing solutions.

In order to prepare for the contest Georgia FFA recommends studying Modern Livestock and Poultry Production by James Gillespie, the PDCA Unified Scorecard, the Holstein Association, Hoard’s Dairyman, Virginia Quiz Bowl materials, Cornell animal and dairy science resources, and Dairy Herd Improvement magazine. To learn more about the Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management CDE watch this video here. To practice judging skills, there are six dairy classes from the 2018 National Dairy Evaluation competition to watch here. General Georgia contest information, including past exams and team activities, go here.

Best of luck to all those dairy students who want to compete in a contest that promotes well-rounded dairy education and skills!


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