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2023 State Show Summary

The State Commercial Dairy Heifer Show was held in Perry, GA February 22nd-24th. 196 youth exhibited 238 heifers.

Wednesday, the 22nd, was weigh in day and a busy one at that, making sure all 238 heifers were at their proper growth point to show weighing between 250 and 756 pounds. The Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation Jr. Board members made sure all 196 students got their hunter green state show t-shirts. Immediately following that, one of the larger costume contests was held. Exhibitors were divided into three groups and showed off their incredible creativity. Finishing the day the 2022-23 GDYF board officially retired and passed the mantle onto the new board of seven from across the state.

Thursday and Friday were showmanship and weight classes, respectively. Kelly Reynolds judged the show. As a Cornell graduate, she was a member of the national winning Cornell dairy judging team, judges at the national level and currently farms with her husband and his family on a Premier Exhibitor and Breeder recognized farm. The weight classes concluded with county groups of five and awarding the top five heifers of the show.

Congratulations to all winners and participants of this year's show! See you next year!


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