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Show Supply Checklist

Fair season is upon us! Families travel far and wide to compete in local, regional and state fair shows during September and October. You’ve trained, practiced, housed and properly fed and grown your heifer and now it’s time to head to the show. Below is a list of common items to take to the show with you. It’s certainly not exhaustive and you should definitely check with your Ag. advisor, 4-H leader, county extension agent, or parent volunteer to see what supplies your county is bringing and what you are personally responsible for bringing. Also check with them about available space and limits on items you can bring into the county area.

For the Heifer:

· Health papers

· Feed

· Beet pulp

· Water bucket

· Feed pan

· Feed scoop

· Hose

· Water filter if desired

· Extra halter

· Neckties or chains

· Show halter

· Leather cleaner with sponges/wipes/wash clothes

· Costume for the state costume contest if desired


· Water hose with spray nozzle

· Bucket

· Soap

· Hard brush for hooves

· Body brush

· Shoes/clothing you don’t mind getting wet

· Change of clothes in case you get wet


· Storage box(es) for all human and heifer supplies

· Extension cords

· Pitchfork

· Wheelbarrow

· Duct tape/zip ties

· Fans

· Fan stands

· Display

· Chairs

Grooming (county is likely to have a lot of this so check with them. It won’t be necessary to go buy everything):

· Chute (county is likely to have this)

· Blow drier

· Body clippers

· Small clippers for legs and face

· Topline clippers

· Clipper oil

· Clipper cooling spray

· Extra clipper blades and tools to change them out

· Hair dryer for topline

· Hair adhesive for topline appropriately colored to match the heifer

· Hairbrush to fluff tail

· Rubbing alcohol

· Show sheen

· Fly spray (a must!)

· Baby wipes or wash clothes


· Copy of entry papers if desired

· Registration papers if a registered show

· Clean, ironed, properly fitting white clothes

· Belt

· Boots

· Hair ties

· Fitted show harness or number holder

· Cooler with drinks (check with county on available space)

· Snacks

· Money for last minute supplies, fair food and fair rides

A good attitude:

· Understand the PDCA showmanship score card (link below)

· Listen and promptly do what your leaders say

· Help others, especially those new to showing or younger kids

· Treat others as you wish to be treated, your teammates, other competitors, and your leaders

· Good sportsmanship to yourself, the judge, and other competitors inside and outside the ring

Show season is a flurry of activity. Try to follow a checklist so you don’t forget necessary items and keep show days as stress free as possible. Remember to check with your leaders on what to personally bring for your particular county. Enjoy the overall process, have fun and have a great show day! Good luck!


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