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What will you do for June Dairy Month?

How will YOU celebrate your industry in this June Dairy Month?

  • Will you post some things on social media that are constructive, and win friends for the milk and dairy industry?

  • Will a post a photo of you drinking a tall, cold one? That is - a tall, cold glass of milk, or a pint or quart of a brand which supports your farm?

  • Will you reach out directly to a neighbor, or your Sunday School class, or a business in town, and thank them for being milk drinkers?

  • Will you share the news of the importance of local dairy farms in the role of preserving local food security, important for the large urban areas of the southeast?

  • Will you speak at a Civic Club in your neighborhood?

  • Will you simply thank a consumer at your nearest grocery store when they reach for a gallon of milk, particularly when it's a brand which buys milk from your farm, or a number of farms in your area?

The most enthusiastic, and genuine, supporter of the dairy industry is YOU - the one who is the nearby neighbor, the one who wears a cow or farm jacket, the one whose income comes from the sale of MILK. If we aren't obvious in our belief in, and consumption of, nature's most nearly perfect food, then why should we expect others to be?

Will YOU Step up, and Raise a Glass in this June Dairy Month?!?!

Now, more than ever, your industry depends on YOU! Don't let it down!

Resources for June Dairy Month:

June 1, 2022: "World Milk Day 2022: Why Is It Celebrated? Theme, History, Significance, and Inspirational Quotes", published at News 18, a news channel based in India.

Georgia Milk History: Dairy Ag Mag - a collaborative effort of the Georgia Farm Bureau/Ag in the Classroom and the Dairy Alliance - a 6 pg. pdf (easy to print!) with a collection of Georgia Dairy History, Dairy Breed History, Quizzes to test a reader's knowledge, and other information! Very informative, and contains lots of tidbits for your June Dairy Month posts!

Georgia Dairy History: "Dairy Industry," by Lane Ely and Melissa Brown, for the New Georgia Encyclopedia. From Oglethorpe's arrival in Georgia in the early 1700's, to modern day dairy technology, this broad ranging article is a fun look-back of everything dairy and cow. Historic photographs add to the appreciation of what the Georgia Dairy Industry has accomplished!

Georgia Ag News: Find Comfort with Dairy Products, Celebrate June Dairy Month, by Jennifer Whitaker, for the Georgia Farm Bureau publication. Although written in the early months of the pandemic, this piece summarizes the history of June Dairy Month itself, and relays some other facts about dairy products, and dairy organizations, including Georgia Milk Producers.

The article recognized the GMP Farmer-to-Farmer program, a network of trusted individuals set up in 2020 to provide farmers undergoing stress a means to 'talk their problems out," in light of all the mental health challenges they could face at any given moment. This program was initiated and organized by Farrah Newberry, the previous Executive Secretary of Georgia Milk Producers

Georgia Mobile Dairy Classroom - one of the best assets Georgia has for reaching youngsters and building customers for the future! If you haven't taken a look at the work Nicole Duvall has been doing, now's a good time!

Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation - our young folks are our future! Take a look at all of their activities! Take time to visit their social media pages, too!

Written by: Julie Walker for Georgia Milk Producers


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