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Meet Alyssa

Meet Alyssa Rauton, secretary and reporter for the GDYF Junior Board and writer extraordinaire.

“It is our job as board members to encourage younger members to discover what the agriculture industry has to offer them outside of the show ring. They are, after all, the future of the dairy industry,” said our Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation Junior Board Secretary Alyssa Rauton. This Burke County High School rising senior has dreams of pursuing a career in veterinary medicine after she graduates in 2017, but for now her time is filled with FFA and art club activities including showing commercial dairy heifers. Since she began showing in 9th grade, it has quickly become one of her favorite activities within FFA. Alyssa says she enjoys showing dairy heifers because it is an incredible way to meet new people from across the state with the same interests and goals as her despite their varying backgrounds. While serving as a junior board member, Alyssa hopes to inspire the next generation of dairy showman.

Fun Facts about Alyssa

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee w/ Chocolate Swirls

Favorite Super Hero: Captain America

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