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Meet Emma, T-Shirt Design Chairperson

Meet Emma Newberry, GDYF's go-to girl for the annual T-shirt design competition.

The youngest member of our Junior Board of Directors, Emma Newberry, is a rising freshman in Oconee County. Within her school and community Emma is an active FFA and 4-H member. Her dairy showing career began four years ago when she was in the fourth grade. Today Emma says that she has the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation’s commercial dairy heifer showing program to thank for her knowledge of livestock care and the friends she has made from across the state! Thankful for everything this life changing program has taught her, Emma thought that being a member of the Junior Board was the best way to share her passion with other dairy youth within the state of Georgia. While serving on the board, she also hopes to further her own knowledge of and become more active in the dairy industry.

Fun Facts about Emma

Career Goals: Large Animal Veterinarian

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Moose Tracks

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