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2023-'24 Winter Commercial Dairy Heifer Shows

Here are some 2023-2024 winter commercial dairy heifer shows. This list came from the Georgia 4-H and FFA websites, but may not be exhaustive. If you know of an unlisted show, please let us know so we can update this document.


Waynesboro, GA

Entries due by 12/15/23

Contact Shelley Coble (706-466-3492 or


Perry, GA

Entries due by 12/18/23

 Ronnie Thomas (478) 230 4108


January 7, 2024 – Morgan County Commercial Dairy Heifer Show Clinic

Madison, GA

Lucy Ray at (706) 342-2214 or or Carol Williams 706-343-6997 or

Jefferson, GA

Entries due by 12/29/23, late is 1/12/24


Cleveland, GA

Online entries or printed and postmarked mailed entries due 1/3/24

Meg Dickerson - 706-809-0320


January 20, 2024 – Rockin’ Lee Dairy Heifer Show

Albany, GA

Entries due by 1/12/24

Rebecca Sapp at (229)894-7818 or


January 27, 2024 – Apple Capital Dairy Show

Ellijay, GA

Late entries – postmarked after 1/19/24

Michael Bushey at 706-273-6393


February 3, 2024 – Big Ice-E Dairy Showdown

Elberton, GA

Entries due 1/26/24

Mrs. Jordan Paul at 706-621-9351 or


February 3, 2023 – Chattooga Dairy Show

Summerville, GA

Entries due 1/18/24

Briana Carmon @ or Lauren Jarrett at


February 9 (dairy), 2024 – East Hall FFA Alumni Beef and Dairy Show

Gainesville, GA

Entries due by 1/19/24


Athens, GA

Entries due by 1/10/24

Jillian Bohlen 706-542-9108 or


Eatonton, GA

Entries due 1/19/24


February 21-23, 2024 – Georgia State Junior Commercial Dairy Heifer Show

Perry, GA

Entries due by 11/15/23


Clinic file:

Dairy CLinic 2022-2023
Download PDF • 618KB


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