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2024 GA Dairy Conference

The Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation had a successful time at the 2024 GA Dairy Conference in Savannah. With over 600 registered participants, the conference was a good opportunity for dairy producers, industry people, and vendors looking to learn, network, and view businesses. Seminars included a wide range of topics from forage breakthroughs to calf health to a southeastern dairy market review, and several more. There were over 60 booth spots for vendors at the trade show to highlight dairy companies' latest innovations and offerings.

All Junior Board of Officers were there to support the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation. They hosted effective live and silent auctions. Silent auction items included art, clothing, toys, feed, flashlights, coolers, and more donations. The live auction was a spirited affair offering larger items like a griddle and cow water troughs. These auctions are the primary fundraisers for GDYF to benefit Georgia dairy youth this upcoming year. GDYF is grateful to anyone who bought or donated items through the auctions.

The officers also sold t-shirts, helped out around the conference, attended the board meeting, held their gift exchange, and went to the seminars and trade show.


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