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Introducing Dairyman Scott Glover

Bella Grier interviews Scott Glover for June Dairy Month. The interview is linked below.

Scott Glover, a 4th generation dairy farmer, has always had a passion for cows. He grew up working alongside his grandfather, father and uncle on the family dairy farm. It was at an early age that he learned the importance of taking care of cows – “if you take care of your cows, then your cows will take care of you.”

He and his wife, Jennifer, continue providing that quality care and attention to their cows today at Glo-Crest Dairy. They started the farm in 2000 and soon built up a herd of high quality Holsteins that produce the award winning milk bottled and used in the ice cream and butter at Mountain Fresh Creamery.

Scott and Jennifer, along with their daughter, Eliza Jane, and son, Layne, are dedicated to providing a wholesome, all natural product fresh from their farm to your family.


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