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Meet the other mastermind behind getting youth involved in GDYF events, Junior Board Events Co-Chair

East Coweta High School’s very own Hunter Swartz is serving as the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation’s Junior Board Events Co-Chair. Hunter is a senior in high school and hopes to pursue a career as a large animal veterinarian when she graduates in 2018. Having shown dairy heifers for the past four years, Hunter is also involved in the Horse & Pony Club, UWG Equestrian Team, Poultry Club, Livestock Club and Vet Club. With this busy lifestyle her love for agriculture is evident. Hunter chose to become a member of our junior board of directors so that she could spread her own passion for the dairy industry to the younger generations of dairy youth in Georgia. She hopes that her involvement in GDYF will encourage others to become as active as she is.

Fun Facts about Hunter

Favorite Ice-Cream: Butterfinger

Favorite Super Hero: Superman

Favorite Food: Chocolate

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