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2018 Southeast Dairy Youth Retreat

Hosted by the University of Georgia, the 2018 Southeast Dairy Youth Retreat will be held July 8th-12th in Covington, GA. The cost is $200.00

This year’s activities will include:

• Touring a large, crossbred herd that milks in a rotary parlor and whose owner was named the 2017 Georgia Farmer of the Year.

• Visit a small, farmstead operation that makes numerous products on site and whose Chocolate Milk won the 2018 Dairy Foods Taste of Georgia award

• Go behind the scenes at Zoo Atlanta

• Participate in hands on learning workshops – have you ever explored the inner workings of the udder? Do you know how to make your own butter? Have you seen the inside of a cow’s stomach?

To apply for financial assistance through Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation follow this link:

To complete an application follow this link:

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