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Meet Anna Grace Bass, President of GDYF


President of the 2018 Georgia Dairy Foundation Junior Board

Anna Grace is a dynamic, disciplined and well-rounded student. She has been involved with GDYF since its beginning, but is also active with Georgia 4-H, dance and the Civil Air Patrol. Anna has been participating with the Georgia’s Commercial Dairy Heifer Program for eight years. Her passion for dairy heifers, continuing to learn about the dairy industry, and pushing herself to lead others led her to join GDYF’s board of directors.

Anna enjoys spending time with her peers and remaining involved in many extra-curricular activities. When asked what her favorite dairy youth activity is, Anna responded that she loves attending the Georgia National Fair each year to show her dairy heifers, teach the public about the dairy industry and assist with the GDYF educational booth.

Anna will be a senior this fall. Following graduation next year, she would like to attend the University of Georgia and pursue a degree in nursing. GDYF believes she will make an awesome nurse due to her kind and caring personality.


Favorite Dairy Product: Ice cream and her favorite flavor is Cookie Dough

Favorite Movie: Avengers

Role Model: Her mom

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