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Meet Maryellen Pate, Treasurer of the 2018 GDYF Junior Board


Treasurer of the 2018 Georgia Dairy Foundation Junior Board

Maryellen is a sophomore this year at East Jackson County Comprehensive High School in Commerce, Georgia. She is currently serving as Treasurer on Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation Junior Board. Although this is Maryellen’s first year on the GDYF board, she has proven to be a leader and has provided many new ideas for the organization

Maryellen is also involved with her local FFA chapter where she serves as Chaplain.

Maryellen has an infectious smile and loves meeting new people. She strives to help other students become more involved and loves promoting Agriculture. Maryellen is a positive spokesperson for the state’s dairy industry and has shown dairy heifers for the past three years. Her many accomplishments, in and out of the show ring show, prove her commitment to GDYF.

After high school Maryellen would like to attend the University of Georgia and pursue a degree in Agriculture Education.

Fun Facts about Maryellen

Favorite Dairy Product: Cheese

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

Favorite Movie: Trolls

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