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Meet Eliza Jane Glover

Hi, my name is Eliza Jane Glover. I am 16 years old. I was born and raised in Clermont, Georgia. I am in tenth grade at White County High School where I am very involved in my FFA chapter. My parents are Scott and Jennifer Glover and I have a five-year-old brother named Layne.

Growing up I have always known the importance of agriculture and have witnessed firsthand how it is so important in our community. I was born into a dairy farm family with my dad being a fourth-generation dairy farmer in my hometown. At our dairy, we milk 175 cows in my free time, I often help with milking and feeding our cows. This is something I very much enjoy doing. My family also owns and operates a creamery located a few miles from our farm where we pasteurize our own milk and make ice cream.

My hobbies include working on my family farm, working my heifers that I keep at my house, playing golf, and practicing in my church's activities.

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