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2023 GDYF Calendar

The 2023 GDYF calendar is a result of a photo contest in late 2022. Anyone was invited to submit up to 3 dairy-related photos. The top 20 were placed on Facebook and Instagram where people voted on the ones they liked. Thirteen final photos were chosen and they are below. These calendars are sold on the GDYF website on the shop page. Proceeds go to supporting dairy youth events across the state, like 4-H project achievement or dairy judging and many other ways Georgia youth grow their interests and skills in the dairy field.

Winners were (pictured top left to right):

Cover photo - Kimberly Bragg

January - Sarah Johnson

February - Olivia Vanderwalt

March - Ashlyn Reddick

April - Olivia Vanderwalt

May - Sarah Johnson

June - Jiles Coble

July - Katie Williams

August - Korene Hutchings

September - Katie Williams

October - Whitney Keith

November - Rachel Cabe

December - Shelley Coble


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