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State Dairy Judging Results

After the winter shows wrap up, dairy judging season begins. As many know, youth work hard to learn dairy cattle anatomy, use a defined scorecard to evaluate animals and defend their class placings through sets of oral reasons. These competitions train youth to analyze, make decisions, problem solve and improve communication skills. FFA holds their evaluation competition in March and 4-H is in April. We appreciate these coaches, participants and dairy producers who volunteer their time and animals for team practices. Results from this year’s 2022 contests follow:

FFA Dairy Evaluation – March 18th Senior Division 1st place individual – Charlee Causey (Central of Carroll) 2nd place individual – Jackson Griffith (Houston County) 3rd place individual – Olivia Vanderwalt (Lee County) 1st place team – Houston County (Advisor: Dr. Ronnie Thomas) 2nd place team – White County (Advisor: Zach Dalton) 3rd place team – Gilmer County (Advisor: David Bushey) Junior Division 1st place individual – Charles Norman (Gilmer County) 2nd place individual – Taylor Evans (Elbert County) 3rd place individual – Terra Southerland (LaFayette Middle) 1st place team – White County (Advisor: Zach Dalton) 2nd place team – Gilmer County (Advisor: David Bushey)

3rd place team – Pierce County (Advisors: John Ratliff & Seth Prescott)

4-H Dairy Judging - April 8th

Senior Division

1st place team – Burke County

Top 5 individuals –

1st - Mary Helen Coble, Burke County

2nd - Katie Reynolds, Gordon County

3rd - Holt Sapp, Burke County

4th - Brayden Allen, Gordon County

5th - Noel Pickel, Morgan County

Junior Division

1st place team – Hall County

Top 5 Individuals -

1st - Mathew Worley, Gordon County

2nd - Lauren Dowdy, Hall County

3rd - Rylie Page, Hall County

4th - Wyatt Stewart, Morgan County

5th - Lowry Duggin, Gordon County

To view more information about the Georgia FFA Dairy Evaluation CDE, visit here.

To view more information about the Georgia 4-H Dairy Judging Contest, visit here.


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